岛读,英文译为Book Island,让书围起一座岛屿。Book Island可以是“book is land”,也可以是“book’s land”,寓意阅读与思考的国土,引见美好的未来。岛读是一个网络书店,专门分享有趣的中英文杂志与书籍,来让人们挖掘书里的黄金宝库。

Book Island — let the books surround themselves, till they become an island. Book Island can be understood as either “book is land” or “book’s land”, which is implied as a land of reading and pondering, leading us to a bright future. Book Island is a Penang-based bookstore and publisher dedicated to publishing interesting Chinese and English books and magazines to let people excavate the treasure trove of books.

Book Island

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