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Tanjong Life: Back to the 90s

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Remember when we did not need fancy gadgets or the Internet to have fun; when we took the time to send postcards instead of making long video calls? The 90s children sure had a sweet and uncomplicated time growing up, a time when human connection was more important than network connection!

Technologically speaking, the 90s was one of the most transformative decades in human history – it was the bridge between the analog and digital eras. In the early 90s, people stopped at payphones to call loved ones and in long car rides, cassette tapes and FM radios were loyal companions. By the end of the decade, these people were sending text messages, downloading songs into their computers, and using dial-up Internet to perform Yahoo or Ask Jeeves searches!

Want to relive the 90s? Follow the funny adventures of Joe G – a buck-toothed, true-blue Penangite character created by Penang-born cartoonist Azmi Hussin – as he shares a taste of what made the 90s so memorable, from playing the same music on a coin-operated jukebox in a kopitiam to riding the iconic ferry!

For all the advancements we know today, the 90s was still the best decade to grow up in, especially if you were in Penang.

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