Teoh Kooi Pei is a design architect, artist, and researcher based in Penang. She learned Chinese ink painting during her studies at Tongji University, Shanghai. She then further refined her skills at Penang Buddhist Free School. Her cross-disciplinary works focus on the interaction between traditional and contemporary subjects. She even developed architectural concepts according to the essence derived from her poetry artworks. Her first solo exhibition in 2019, “When the East Meets the North 东行及北” and a group show in 2021, “PAUSE II”, demonstrated her attitude towards encouraging the interaction between the obsolete and the modern. She has been working on various themes focusing on the interaction between characters and nature to convey love and encouragement.

She established her own practice in 2019, Noom Art Studio, which focuses on ink painting and related designs, architectural designs, and digital visuals. “Noom” is her artist name in reverse. The starting of this studio came from her initial idea of inheriting the skill of ink painting. In addition to teaching ink painting, she has been trying to promote ink painting that is conservatively practised as a decorative art. By recreating practical artworks with the current technologies, she is on the path to disseminating wider art penetration in daily life.

Noom Art Studio

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