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Happy Dumpy Handcrafted Angku Kuih Bag

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紅龜粿 Ang Ku Kueh is a much-loved steamed kueh which influences several communities in Malaysia as a shared heritage. For the Chinese, the tortoise is a symbolic of longevity, to be blessed with a good life. 

Longevity is translated into good wishes for our loved ones, especially to the elderly and is echoed within Peranakan culture to be prosperity, longevity, good fortune and a good life. Red tortoise cakes are also prepared for occasions that are culturally important to the Chinese such as a newborn baby's first month or birthdays of the elderly. Eating red tortoise cakes during these times is meant to represent blessings for the child and longevity for the elderly.

Handcrafted and designed from scratch. Thick Fabric designed with inner lining.

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