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Happy Dumpy Large Handcrafted Nasi Lemak Pouches

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Fragrant, creamy and scrumptious. Nasi Lemak actually translates into “Fatty/Oily Rice” that becomes a popular delicious breakfast in Malaysia.


Spills of Sambal
Fragrant coconut rice
Crunchy Peanuts (the eyes)
Sliced cucumber
Fried anchovies
A boiled egg (the mouth)
A pinch of heartwork

As the tale and story origin goes, nasi lemak was born in a small village in Malacca at the home of a widow, Mak Kuntum and her daughter, Seri. One day, Seri accidentally spilled coconut milk in a boiling pot of rice and the fragrant aroma of santan began to fill the house. The mixture of rice and coconut milk was so fragrant that they couldn’t help but notice.

The creamy texture (lemak) comes from the santan. When Mak Kuntum returned home for lunch, she asked: Apa kau masak ni, Seri? (What did you cook, Seri?). To which Seri replied, “Nasi le, Mak! ( Rice, mother!). That was how this coconut milk-infused rice got its name, Nasi Lemak.

Vilagers that were mostly farmers began to eat this coconut infused rice as it kept them full because all the food groups are covered — carbohydrates from the rice, oils from the sambal and protein from the anchovies.

Designed and handcrafted from scratch. Thick fabric designed with inner lining.

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