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Happy Dumpy Nasi Lemak Set

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Two Items (Surprise Nasi Lemak filling wrapped in a Banana Leaf Pouch Designed.) Nasi Lemak filling can be taken out from the Banana leaf Pouch designed as a surprise gift. Handcrafted and designed from scratch.

Cocunut milk infused rice, sambal, anchovies and a boiled egg. This beloved Malaysian national dish, Nasi Lemak or also known as “coconut milk rice has a story as humble as its ingredients.

The birth of nasi lemak began in a small village in Malacca at the home of a widow, Mak Kuntum and her daughter, Seri. Mak Kuntum worked as a masseur to provide for the family and her daughter would be left alone at home to attend to chores. One day, Seri accidentally spilled coconut milk in a boiling pot of rice and the fragrant aroma of santan began to fill the house. When Mak Kuntum returned home for lunch, she asked: Apa kau masak ni, Seri? (What did you cook, Seri?). To which Seri replied, “Nasi le, Mak! ( Rice, mother!). That was how this coconut milk-infused rice got its name, Nasi Lemak.

It was also a meal cooked for farmers those days as they needed a hearty meal in the morning, so eating nasi lemak kept them full because you have all the food groups covered — carbohydrates from the rice, oils from the sambal and protein from the anchovies.

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