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Happy Dumpy Nyonya Glutinous Rice Dumpling Pouch

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Beautiful blend of blue from butterfly pea flower extract, honeyed notes of dried winter melon, the savoury succulent mince, just like the flavours of sweet, savoury and juicy that binds the family together. The simple happiness of rice, meat and sweet that is all we want best for our loved ones in life. It’s been a tradition of wrapping nyonya glutinous rice together with my family.

With parts of me from the Peranakan and Teochew, the pure joy is to harvest the beautiful butterfly pea flowers growing wild in the park and turn them into a palette of blue. The main ingredients are fragrant five spice powder, coriander powder, winter melon, marinated minced meat shiitake mushrooms, blue butterfly pea and glutinous rice. Another ingredient that is loved in Peranakan dishes is fermented soybean (taucu) which is also added to the dish. The glutinous rice with all the ingredients are boiled around five hours and then steamed. Just like family bonds, the glutinous rice is what binds all the ingredients together.

Handcrafted and designed from scratch. Thick Fabric designed with inner lining.

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